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GIVE ME AN A is a pro-choice anthology, a response from 17 female filmmakers to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Distributed by XYZ after winning awards on the festival circuit. Segment: GOD'S PLAN, written, directed by, & starring Avital Ash.
*Avital's segment begins at 53:19
When Covid-19 forces a Passover in lockdown in 2020, a people-pleasing therapist must face who she is and what she wants in order to find freedom, doing battle with her identity, religion, and sexuality.
Created, written, directed, and edited by Avital Ash.


'Thirsty’ is a dark comedy/drama anthology series that examines what modern courtship, sex, and love look like on dates between damaged individuals. In this universe, as in life, a date is more than just a date: It's an exploration of power dynamics, expectations, and presentation vs. reality.
Created, written, directed, and edited by Avital Ash.


7p/10e was created by Avital Ash in late 2013. It was originally inspired by a six-month journey Avital would take to Israel to volunteer. Already a working actress and creative in the film industry, she was looking for ways to continue creating quality original content with talented friends in Los Angeles, even while thousands of miles away. Technical difficulties prohibited the series from actually taking place while she was abroad, but she refined the story, and put a solid team together when she returned.
Created, written, directed, and edited by Avital Ash.


'Sad! A Love Story' was shot as an experiment/proof of concept for a feature written by Avital Ash. It follows a happy couple whose relationship falls apart when Donald Trump becomes president.

The dramedy is as much an exploration of the lingering effects of sexual assault as it is a darkly comedic look at D.U.T. (Dating Under Trump).

Written, directed, and edited by Avital Ash.
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