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Hi, I’m Avital Ash. I’m an actor, writer, director, and stand-up with over 70 million views for my female-driven content.


I just finished a critically acclaimed run of my solo show, Avital Ash Workshops Her Suicide Note


I wrote/directed/starred in a segment of the pro-choice anthology feature film, ‘GIVE ME AN A’, which had an amazing festival run and just came out on VOD!


The no-budget web series I created and starred in, '7p/10e' was the foundation for two CBS pilots, executive produced by the creators of ‘How I Met Your Mother.’


I guest starred on ‘BARRY’ on HBO, ‘Cake’ on FX, and voiced a lead role in the smash hit video game OXENFREE. 


I live in Los Angeles with my dog, Luke, and an unrelenting anxiety about basically everything. 

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