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Hi, I’m Avital Ash. I’m an actor, writer, director, and stand-up with over 70 million views for my female-driven content.


I’m currently touring my solo show, Avital Ash Workshops Her Suicide Note


I wrote/directed/starred in a segment of the pro-choice anthology feature film, ‘GIVE ME AN A’, which had an amazing festival run and just came out on VOD!


The no-budget web series I created and starred in, '7p/10e' was the foundation for two CBS pilots, executive produced by the creators of ‘How I Met Your Mother.’


I guest starred on ‘BARRY’ on HBO, ‘Cake’ on FX, and voiced a lead role in the smash hit video game OXENFREE. 


I live in Los Angeles with my dog, Luke, and an unrelenting anxiety about basically everything. 

Let's Get Personal

I grew up a Hasidic Jew in Miami Beach FL, the only daughter of a South African father and a mother descended from Holocaust survivors, alongside three genius brothers. 


I had little exposure to film or TV, but fell in love with both anyway. My DIY education came in the olden days of Netflix DVDs, swooning over Hal Ashby, Mike Leigh, and Amy Heckerling.


I moved to LA without friends, family, or a clue, and directed myself in a feature that doubled as an effort to heal from my biological mom's suicide. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t.)

I’m on a lifelong mission to untangle my shit: depression, addiction, religion, internalized misogyny, shame, ADHD, my queerness, and my delightful personality that has somehow alienated lots of people. It’s fun!

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