Avital grew up a Hasidic Jew without much exposure to film, but fell in love with it anyway. Her DIY education came in the olden days of Netflix DVDs (RIP), swooning over Hal Ashby, Mike Leigh, and Amy Heckerling.

She moved to LA without friends, family, or a clue, and directed herself in a feature that doubled as an effort to heal from her biological mom's suicide. (Spoiler alert: She didn’t).

Avital has made female-driven content ever since. Her web series, '7p/10e', was limited to laptop screens & a budget of $60, but went on to inspire two (produced!) CBS pilots. She created a series for Maker (RIP again), penned a script for Super Deluxe (RIP again, again), and plays Marie on FX’s ‘Cake’. Her online content has amassed over 40 million views.

She lives with her dog Luke and does standup in LA, NY, & Chicago.

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