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Avital Ash Workshops Her Suicide Note Review

"In her brutally frank Edinburgh debut, Avital Ash confesses she’s dogged by abject feelings of hating herself. Yet it’s hard to envisage anyone emerging from this profoundly affecting hour with anything but admiration for a smart, poetic, witty woman able to convert harrowing first-hand experiences into a show that's both heart-rending and funny, albeit bleakly so."

Edinburgh Festival Fringe comedy review: Avital Ash

"With some justification, snobbery has arisen in comedy about shows where stand-ups surgically probe and exploit their deep-seated trauma, sacrificing laughs for tears as they push audiences through the wringer. But blithely dismissing this as performer self-therapy, or as a genre, risks throwing the baby out with the bath water and overlooking exceptionally funny hours like Avital Ash's Fringe debut, which strikes a deft balance between the blackest humour and pathos."

Alyssa Milano, Virginia Madsen, Gina Torres & Milana Vayntrub Join Anthology Film ‘Give Me An A’ Responding To Overturning Of Roe V. Wade

"Today’s quartet joins an ensemble that will also feature Jennifer Holland, Sean Gunn, Molly C. Quinn, Jason George and Jackie Tohn, as previously announced, with actors to appear in segments from different directors, in genres ranging from horror and sci-fi, to satire and dark comedy. Monique Coleman, Parker Young, Regina Ting Chen, Ian Nelson, Trent Garrett, Kristen Ariza, Carolina Ravassa, Maze Felix, Kevin Fonteyne, Galen Howard, Andrea Cortés, Julia Vasi, Courtney Dietz and Avital Ash round out the cast.

The anthology will be tied together with a wraparound piece, directed by the project’s EP Natasha Halevi. The segments comprising the anthology come from filmmakers including Valerie Finkel, Megan Rosati, Bonnie Discepolo, Monica Moore-Suriyage, Meg Swertlow, Loren Escandon, Francesca Maldonado, Avital Ash, Erica Wright, Mary C. Russell, Danin Jacquay, Sarah Kopkin, Hannah Alline and Caitlin Hargraves. Writers on the project included Lexx Fusco, Annie Bond, Savannah Rose Scaffe, Rowan Fitzgibbon, Danielle Aufiero and Laura Covelli."

Comedian Avital Ash Talks The “Weird Nostalgia” Of Her Pandemic-Era Web Series ‘Antisocial Distance’

"As widespread vaccinations begin to signal the beginning of the end for the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, what happens to Zoom? The virtual meeting platform (and others like it) has sustained the continuity of business, education, journalism, entertainment, and more for over a year now, but as we finally get the go-ahead to unmask and gather in greater numbers once again, is the age of omnipresent digital communication also coming to a close?"
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